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It’s great to spend Christmas cuddled up close to a fireplace with your friends and family, but it’s not so much fun when your house is the fire. Christmas trees cause millions of dollars in property damage every year due to fires. How can you prevent a holiday disaster in your home this season?

Fresh trees mean less fires.

If you want a live tree, choose one that’s as recently cut as possible. Needles shouldn’t be shedding constantly. Make sure it’s as green as it can be. Dead or dying trees are drier and are known to catch a spark far quicker and easier than a fresh one.

Use a fake tree.

Plastic, reusable trees aren’t as fun or spirited, but they are far safer. They can’t dry out like live Christmas trees can.

Watch where you put it up.

Putting it up near sources of heat such as heaters, candles, fireplaces, or even lights can dry the tree out quicker. Also, being close to a heat source may cause it to catch a spark.

When it starts to die, get rid of it.

A dying tree is a fire hazard, so throw it out before it can catch ablaze!

Remember to put the lights out!

Keeping electric holiday decorations on all night may result in flames due to electrical errors or overheating (not to mention that skyrocketing electrical bill).

Be smart with your lights.

Take notice of the details on the packaging: are they qualified for outdoor use? Can they be plugged into the right exterior outlet? Are the lights damaged? If so, toss the damaged ones.

If you’ve had to deal with a Christmas fire, Valley Restoration and Construction is able to restore the damaged areas. Call 970-964-4437 to learn more.