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The trim on your roof has several different parts, one of which is the fascia. This is the vertical,  outermost part of your home’s trim and it often connects to the gutters.

Because your roof’s fascia is so often exposed to the sun, many issues arise that require you to repair it.

The Do’s of Fascia Repair

    • Be safe! Make sure your ladder isn’t on a slope (if it is, level it out)! Wear safety gear and be aware of your surroundings while on the ladder.
    • Have the right gear. Gloves, eye protection, a nail gun, or a machine to cut and measure the fascia is important for safety and effective installation.
    • Remember to remove the gutter. If you have a gutter attached to the fascia, remove it before replacing the board.
    • Cut out the damaged board. If only a section of the board is damaged, remove only the damaged section rather than the entire length of trim.
    • Replace the cut out area with new board. Make sure to measure the new board and line it up evenly with the old fascia.

What NOT To Do

    • Don’t forget to paint the new board! Outdoor paint or primer will help keep the new board sealed and it will stay out of harm’s way for a little bit longer.
    • If it matters to you, don’t use different color of paint. If you can’t match the color, repaint the entire trim.
    • Don’t try to use extremely long boards! If you want a seamless look, this method could work, but it would prove to be a challenge. If you need to replace an entire length of board, it’s often easier to just use smaller boards and line them up as you install them.

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