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After being stuffed up in your home all winter, spring is the perfect time to deep clean your home. However, a top-to-bottom cleaning may get overwhelming. Here’s a list of things to focus on when deep cleaning your home.

Take care of your floors.

First, mop and vacuum your wood, tile, and other hard flooring. Wax any faux-wooden floors (often made of vinyl or linoleum) and scrub and reseal tile grout lines to get rid of the excess oils and general grime that have built up over the years.

Once you deal with the hard flooring, work on your carpets. Carpets are known to catch allergens, dirt, and grime so it’s important to get your carpets professionally cleaned on an annual basis.


Decluttering can help you free up space and your home seem more tidy. Throw out anything in the infamous junk drawer that you don’t need. Give old clothes you haven’t worn in a year to a second hand store.

Clean your windows.

Spray down window screens and glass to rid of built up grime. During the winter, our consistently closed windows can cause cobwebs, dirt, and dead insects to gather in window sills and the space between the glass and screen. Not only will spraying down your windows help your home look and feel cleaner, but it will also aid in allergen reduction.

Clean out your air ducts.

HVAC ducts ventilate air in your home and help regulate temperature. However,the ducts can get incredibly dirty, especially if the fans are as well. Not cleaning out the mold, dust and debris, or pests can cause an increase in your power bills and seasonal allergies.

Ensure fire safety.

The perfect time to check all your smoke detectors is during a spring cleaning. Make sure each alarm is still charged with batteries. Another good thing to do during this time is review your family’s fire escape plan.

Polish and dust furniture and appliances.

Take books and knick-knacks off of shelves for a good dusting. Use a vacuum hose for any corners that are hard to reach. Polish wood and metal surfaces as well to keep your furniture looking new!

When you’re cleaning, consider asking a professional for help! Valley Restoration and Construction specializes in carpet cleaning, HVAC cleaning, and more! Visit our homepage to learn more about our services.