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Guests, holiday feasts, and decorations can often leave your carpet dirty and glitter-filled after the holidays. One of the best times to get your carpet professionally cleaned is right after the holidays when guests have made their footprint (literally) on your carpets.

Once Per Year!

To maintain your carpet, it’s important to get it cleaned at least one time per year. Without a yearly carpet cleaning, your carpeting may deteriorate quicker, and you might have to replace it sooner. A good way to keep track of your professional carpet cleaning sessions is to do it every year, at the beginning of the year.


Having many people in the house for the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s seasons can leave your carpet filled with dirt, mud, and who-knows-what from the bottoms of friends’ and families’ shoes. A simple vacuuming won’t do when the dirt and grime has settled, but a professional cleaning can clear the grime from your carpet.

Food and Drink

Another factor that adds to dirty, post-holiday carpets is food and drink. Greasy, crumbly, or juicy food are the most likely to leave an imprint on your carpet. Also, especially during New Year’s, drink spills can harm both your carpet and the floor underneath. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned is a quick and easy solution to help remove or reduce those pesky stains.

Decorations and Gifts

While most people don’t consider this, decorations and gift wrapping may add to the grime buildup in carpets. Christmas trees, New Year’s dècor, and loose glitter from wrapping paper or ribbons can not only add to dirtying your carpet, but it can also cause it to feel itchy and uncomfortable. Getting a professional carpet cleaning can pick up that holiday grime and ensure a softer carpet.

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