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During the winter, bugs and other pests flock to our homes for warmth and food. How can you control these populations in your home?

Check for cracks.

Cracks between your walls, windows, or doors allow insects, mice, spiders, and others to enter your house uninvited. Simply sealing the cracks, no matter how small, can keep vermin at bay.

Kill the insects first.

Often, mice and spiders enter your home for food. If your home already has plenty of insects, the bigger bugs and mice are bound to show up. Using insecticides can kill off the insects and ensure your house isn’t prime hunting ground for pests.

Use spray treatments and traps.

DIY extermination includes mousetraps and bug-specific sprays. Spraying the perimeter of your home with a spider spray can decrease their population in your home. Also, setting up mousetraps in the secluded corners of your home or garage keeps the mice at bay.

Remove clutter.

If you have a cluttered house by the time winter comes around, you’ll draw in plenty of pests. Try to clean up some clutter during the fall.


Deep clean with your vacuum. Put your vacuum hose on high and vacuum everywhere. Corners (vacuum the corner starting with the floor all the way up to the ceiling), baseboards, cupboards, behind and under furniture, and all small areas should be addressed if you want to get rid of all the insects, eggs, and prime living conditions.

Why are these pests a bad thing?

Many people are okay living side by side with many of these critters, but there are many reasons why you should rid of them!

  • They are dangerous. Mice spread dangerous diseases, especially when they have a high population in your living space . All pests cross contaminate, so if there are many in your kitchen or eating areas, other diseases could spread.
  • They can cause allergies. Dead insects and feces gather in the dust. When stuck in your air vents, this contaminated dust flies around and you breathe it in.
  • They could damage your belongings. Bugs like the carpet beetle or silverfish can add holes to clothing, books, and other possessions.

If you’ve had an issue with pests in the past, it’s a good idea to get your air ducts cleaned out to ensure they are all gone (eggs and all). Valley Restoration and Construction can help! Visit our website at to learn more.