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How Cleaning Helps

Getting your air ducts cleaned can be a huge help during any season.

    • Cleaner Air: If you procrastinate on cleaning your home’s ducts, dust and grime that naturally builds up inside is blown throughout your home.
    • Fewer Allergies: Because of the clean ventilation, you’re no longer breathing in excessive amounts of allergens.
    • Saving Money: When the air duct pathways are clear, air can flow better through your home. The system works better and will need repaired less. This will save you money on energy bills and repairs.
    • Less Mold: Cleaning out your home’s duct system can help keep mold from forming. Dirty ducts may collect moisture and therefore mold.


  • Keep Pests Away: If you notice more bugs or vermin than usual, they may be stowing away in your heating and cooling systems due to excess debris. It’s best to have this checked and cleared out if it’s an issue.

Signs Your Air Ducts Should Be Cleaned

Now that you know how cleaning can help, how do you know whether your air ducts need to be cleaned or not?

  • More Allergies: If you’re experiencing more allergies than normal, your air ducts may be blowing around excess dust and grime throughout your home.
  • Mold: If you have reason to believe there’s mold in your ventilation systems, it’s important that they are cleaned.
  • Vermin: An increase in pests may indicate a need for an air duct cleaning.
  • Air Filter: If the air filter on your HVAC system is coated in dust and grime, it needs to be replaced and your ducts probably need a good cleaning as well.
  • Dirt: Sometimes it’s easy just to look at a floor vent and see excess dust and dirt built up around it or inside of it.

If you feel uncomfortable or are unable to clean your air duct system, contact a professional! Valley Restoration and Construction offers HVAC duct cleaning serves. Learn more here: https://valleydrc.wpenginepowered.comcarpet-cleaning-hvac-duct-cleaning/