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Every winter, energy bills end up skyrocketing. Everybody wants to keep the cold out by warming their homes. How can you keep the cost down while also making sure your house stays warm?

1 – Check for leaks.

As the ground naturally expands, contracts, and shifts, the structures of our homes pay the price. Cracks often appear in the weakest points of our home: where the wall meets the ceiling or floor, where walls meet each other, and around door frames and windows.

Any cracks or openings in these areas allow the heat to get out and the colder air to get in. To avoid higher heating bills, caulk these areas or, if they are bad enough, replace them.

2 – Replace or update windows.

New windows can be expensive, but it could be better for your wallet in the long run if you’re not having to pay the extra energy costs due to old, drafty windows. When choosing energy-efficient windows, consider the frame, type of glass, and general efficiency.

3 – Insulate air ducts.

A lot of heat can escape through your HVAC system if it’s not properly insulated. Make sure there aren’t any unwanted openings for heat to escape. Generally, a quarter of the air moving through your air ducts could be lost when leaks are present.

4 – Check your home’s existing insulation.

By using and updating insulation, there’s a barrier between the warm air of your home and the cold from outside. Faulty insulation may cause a lot of warm air to leak out of your home! You know if your insulation needs replaced by watching the temperatures in your home. If you can’t regulate the interior temperature or there are multiple icicles hanging off your house, there is a good chance that the insulation needs to be updated.

5 – Remember the furnace filters.

Dirty filters slow down the flow of heat and makes your HVAC system work harder. When it’s working harder, it also uses more energy. Cleaning out or changing the filters can help decrease energy costs and conserve energy.

6 – Use curtains.

Heavy curtains and shades block out the chill from outside and seal in heat. This method will be more effective with heavier curtains and keeping them closed during colder seasons will help keep your home warm.

One of the best times to update and seal your windows, HVAC systems, and insulation is during a remodel. Here at Valley Restoration and Construction, we offer services for remodeling to help make sure your home is ready for winter! Call us at (970) 964-4437 to learn more.