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We all know the importance of cleaning, but there are some places you may miss. Allergens build up throughout the year and the summer is one of the best times to purge your home of as many allergens as possible. One of the biggest things to cause allergies is dust mites and the substances they leave behind, so it’s best to clear them out whenever you clean.

1 – Fabric

Your bedding and furniture actually gathers a lot of dust that easily attaches to fabric. Using the hose on your vacuum to suck up dust on couches and chair cushions will help rid of any dust mites and debris. Don’t forget to vacuum your mattresses or mattress pads as well.

2 – Bookshelves

When books or knick knacks are on shelves, people often dust around them rather than dusting off the entire shelf. It’s a good idea to remove everything off your shelves and dust them thoroughly about once a month to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

3 – Baseboards and Window Sills

Many people often forget to clean these areas. However, over time, a lot of dust, bugs, and other debris can build up and add to any allergic reactions you may be experiencing.

4 – Closets

A lot of dust forms through fabric fibers. Sweeping out your closet and wiping down the shelves and racks inside can help a lot. Give any clothes that haven’t been worn in two or more months a wash as well.

5 – Ceiling Fans

When dust collects on the tops of fan blades, it’s only distributed in the air when the fan turns on. Any other fans that haven’t been used in a while may have this same issue, so don’t forget to wipe them down!

6 – Carpets and Rugs

Just like with other fabric in your home, carpets and rugs collect a lot of dust. Getting rid of it is easy though! Get an annual carpet cleaning to kickstart the process, then make sure to vacuum weekly and beat your carpets and rugs every once in a while.

7 – The Tops of Appliances

The tops and sides of things like refrigerators and microwaves collect a lot of dust pretty quickly. Try to wipe them down about once a month to keep too much from accumulating.

8 – Under furniture

The space underneath couches, beds, refrigerators and other furniture allows a lot of dust to accumulate. A lot gets swept underneath and it’s smart to clean it out at least every other month.

9 – Air Vents

While dusting and cleaning can decrease a large percentage of allergens, one of the best methods of allergen reduction is cleaning your air ducts and getting a professional carpet cleaning. Call Valley Restoration and Construction to get started! 970-964-4437