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The foundation of your home ties parts of your home together so that it doesn’t unevenly sink or develop major cracks. When issues arise in your foundation, it affects other parts of your home as well. How do you find issues in your home’s foundation?

Why Foundation Issues Arise

The main reason why a foundation breaks, cracks, or crumbles is due to the soil under and around it.

  • Wet Soil: When the earth swells more than usual because of high amounts of water in the soil, it puts pressure on the foundation.
  • Dry Soil: Although on the opposite end of the spectrum, soil that is suddenly too dry may contract and cause your home to settle and begin to break down as the soil swells again later on.
  • Water: Water seeps into small cracks and erodes the foundation’s material. Also, in places that can get cold like Colorado, the water fills into the cracks, freezes, then expands and further harms your home.
  • Land Movement: Even tiny, barely noticeable earthquakes or the natural movement of the earth can shift your home and cause issues to arise.

Signs That There is a Problem

A faulty foundation can show in many different places in your home.

  • Cracks and Fractures: Walls and floors may begin to show cracks both big and small. Chimneys, bricks, and concrete breaking apart may be signs of an issue.
  • Upheaval: This takes place when soil pushes upward on your home and causes the foundation to shift dramatically.
  • Improperly Closing Doors: If your doors aren’t closing or aren’t staying shut, it’s possible that the doorframes have shifted because of a shifting foundation. The same may be the case for doors that aren’t opening and are stuck shut.
  • Visible Gaps: You may notice gaps around exterior doors and windows or they may not be properly aligned. Cabinets and countertops may also separate from the walls, creating gaps between the counter or cabinet and the wall.
  • Uneven Flooring: Floors may bubble or sag in certain areas of your home. If so, this could be a sign of a foundation issue.

Water is the main cause of foundation issues. Valley Restoration can help in more ways than one when it comes to water damage restoration, including aid with a cracked foundation. Learn more by calling us at 970-964-4437.