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With fall approaching, it’s important to know how you can keep your home intact. Cleaning out the gutters on your roof is one of the many ways to keep your home in good condition as the seasons change.

Why do you need to clean your rain gutters?

During autumn, leaves can easily clog up your gutter system. This doesn’t even include all the other debris that has built up throughout the year. When these places get clogged, they can cause some serious problems. For example:

  • They could fall. When leaves and other debris back up rain gutters, any water is held there instead of draining away. When winter comes along and freezes the water, your gutters may pull away from your home and fall to the ground. This could result in a lot more effort and money in order to restore the system!
  • Water may spill over. Water could spill over the sides of the gutters, making the entire rain system completely useless. This could cause staining to the exterior of your home as well as foundation cracks.
  • It could cause rot. A backed-up gutter system could cause a lot of mold and wood rot. This is especially problematic with wooden walls.

How to clean your rain gutters

If you wish to clean your rain gutters yourself, you may find the following tips useful:

  • Get a tarp or some trash bags ready. Climbing up and down the ladder is asking for trouble. Set up a tarp below you to catch the debris you clear so that it is easier to contain and throw away. Another option is to simply stuff all the debris into a few trash bags as you work, then toss them to the ground.
  • Use the right tools. Simple tools like a spatula, a gardening trowel, or even something like a toy shovel can make all the difference! Once everything is loosened, spray out anything extra that you didn’t physically remove with a hose. This will also let you make sure everything drains properly.


It’s important to be safe while you work! While clearing out debris, be sure to follow a few easy steps to help you avoid any injuries.

  • Wear some gloves. Your home’s gutters could have sharp edges or sharp objects lodged inside all the debris, so be sure to wear protective gloves to avoid any cuts.
  • Wear safety goggles. Digging up debris could cause some to fly at your face. Keep your eyes safe with safety goggles.
  • Check your ladder. Make sure it’s in working condition and check for any rusty steps. A nasty fall is the last thing you need!
  • Remember that you’re high up. If you have the supplies and know-how to use them, a tether or harness could protect you from serious fall damage. Either way, be cautious and watch your step as you are clearing out the leaves and debris.
  • Accept help. If someone offers to help you with cleaning your rain gutters, accept! It’s always best to have someone with you, even if it’s just so they can watch your back or fetch any tools (or refreshments) you may need while up there.
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