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A fire can cause serious damage to both the structure of your home and your possessions inside. Despite the damage, property and personal possessions may not be completely lost. Fire restoration is a process that cleans and repairs property that has been damaged by fire, smoke, or soot. When dealing with restoration, damaged items and property may be able to be salvaged or restored so they can be used or inhabited again.

Effects of a Fire

Fires can have more than one impact on you and your home.

  • Odor: Even if a room was not directly affected by a fire, fires still leave behind a strong odor that “stains” any nearby surfaces. Odors easily soak into surfaces (especially fabric) and linger for long periods of time.
  • Soot and Dirt: Fires leave behind layers of soot and dirt that coat any surface in your home. Breathing in soot can cause respiratory issues, so it’s very important to clean up any leftover soot. Professional carpet cleaning is a great way to rid of soot in unaffected carpet.
  • Water Damage: A less obvious effect of fire is water damage. Often, fire may lead to burst plumbing and water systems. Also, fires may expose portions of your home to weather which may also lead to water and further structural damage.
  • Smoke Damage: Smoke damage can leave odors, add yellow or grey coloring to many surfaces, and even cause electrical and interior damage.

There are additional possible effects of fire on your home. It’s important to make sure that your home is not simply restored, but also functioning as it should.

The Fire Restoration Process

When restoring damaged property, restoration companies use strong cleaning products and professional equipment to make sure that items that can be repaired are restored to their full capacity. Structural components that are too damaged for repair are removed and replaced.

After your home’s walls, roof, floors, crawl space, attic, and insulation are all checked for even the slightest sign of soot, smoke, and fire damage, personal belongings are cleaned or removed. Personal possessions, furniture, and electrical or other appliances are also professionally inspected. What can be salvaged is cleaned and repaired. The same goes for the physical structure of your home: the structure is stabilized for further work.

Your home will later go through water restoration (if necessary), soot and smoke restoration, and a detailed cleaning. To help make this process straightforward and get you back into your home, we also offer remodeling services after the actual fire damage has been addressed.

If your home has been affected by a fire, Valley Restoration is here for you! Valley Restoration and Construction offers both fire restoration services and remodeling services 24/7. Contact us at (970) 964-4437 or visit our page to learn more.