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Everyone knows how disastrous even the smallest of fires can be. Fires ruin not only everything they touch, but also anything that’s nearby. However, the flames themselves aren’t the only thing that can cause harm to your home.

Fire Damage Vs Smoke Damage

Damage from the flames themselves is the result of pure heat. The heat from the flames goes out in all directions and can begin to melt any item once it heats up enough. Other than furniture, appliances, and other objects, the heat from a fire can burn up paint, oil coatings, and other finishes on various objects and structures in your home.

Smoke damage, on the other hand, leaves toxic soot, odor, and discoloration. Smoke and soot are a product of the actual flame. Because soot is so acidic, it is known to discolor and corrode anything it touches.

Structural Damage

Structural damage is another way that fires can damage your home. It doesn’t only affect the wooden structures of your home. Although they may not completely melt metal, fires can add pressure and warping to metal structures as well. This stress on the metal components of your home’s structure should be thoroughly tested to ensure they don’t collapse in the future.

Water Damage

Despite the irony, fires can cause water damage. The heat may cause pipes or hot water heaters to burst. Also, as professionals are working on putting out the fire, water is one of the main components used to extinguish it. The aftermath of the excess amounts of water on your home means wet everything, possibly even in areas that the fire didn’t touch.

Electrical and Chemical Damage

Fire not only melts and shorts out electrical wires and circuits, but these damaged electrical items could also cause harm to you – not just your home. Touching anything with an electrical current (including water from flooding) could cause serious injury or death.

Chemically, when fires burn certain substances the items release harmful chemicals into the air. The chemicals also bed themselves in soot. Paints, plastics, cleaning products, and other materials may release acids and heavy metals like lead or asbestos.


Whenever dealing with a fire, make sure you stay safe!

    • Don’t enter your home or workplace after a fire. The structure will be unstable and dangerous.
    • Don’t touch anything electrical! Any electrical items, damaged directly or indirectly, could shock and injure you. A professional should check your electrical and plumbing systems before you use any electrical items.
    • Discard any affected food and drink. You don’t want to eat any chemicals or other hazards that may be hiding in or on the food or water.



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