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When remodeling a kitchen, there are countless things to consider. Do you want more space, more functionality, or just an upgrade? What colors, cabinets, flooring, and lighting works best for you? Which appliances and fixtures do you need to effectively remodel your kitchen?

Planning out your kitchen remodel is not an easy task, but the more you plan, the better your kitchen will turn out.

  1. Think about size! It’s never fun when new appliances don’t fit through the door.
  2. Plan for the worst case scenario. During remodeling, anything can happen. When you budget, leave a little extra for any problems that may arise. Have back up materials in case an issue surfaces with your originals.
  3. Budget. Choose your fixtures, appliances, and materials before you start the project so you have a close estimate on how much you will be spending.
  4. Keep the format of your new kitchen as close as possible to the old one. Changing the plumbing and electrical wire location and moving entire walls can increase both the time and money spent on your remodel. It’s usually best to keep the general footprint of your kitchen the same.
  5. Think about appliances. Be sure the appliances you choose fit your lifestyle. If you’re not big on cooking then maybe that luxurious double oven isn’t for you.
  6. Don’t forget storage! While lots of space is nice, remember that storage is more important. Think about cabinets, shelves, and drawers that can store all your supplies.
  7. Remember lighting. Besides the basic ceiling or hanging lights, small accents of light can make all the difference. Lighting under cabinets brightens up your workspace and — if it fits in your budget — light dimmers are always a nice addition.
  8. Go for efficiency. Choose flooring that fits you. If you have pets or kids, tile may be better than wood so it doesn’t get scratched. Make sure there is extra counter space near your sink for dishes.

These considerations will help make your kitchen comfortable and enjoyable with long lasting efficiency.