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Keeping your roof intact can prevent issues from arising in the future. What regular maintenance can you do,and why is it important?

How do I maintain it?

Huge problems can arise without proper care. How do you keep these problems from happening?

  • Remove debris. Removing and debris such as branches, leaves, mud, or other materials is a great method of maintenance.
  • Trim nearby trees. Not trimming tree branches can cause them to crack and fall onto your roof! In extreme scenarios, the branches could cause harm or create a hole.
  • Watch for lifting shingles and clogged gutters. Clogged gutters are a source of water damage and lifted shingles may allow water to leak into your home
  • Inspect on a regular basis. By constantly performing inspections, you can ensure there are no issues that are developing and becoming worse over time. The more serious the issue is, the more expensive the fix will be. It’s good to perform an inspection 1-2 times per year. Using a professional for at least one of the inspections will help make sure there are absolutely zero issues!
  • Take care of ice and snow. Ice and snow melt, seep into the cracks, then expand when they freeze again. This can cause bigger cracks and holes that leave your home vulnerable. Water damage, or even collapsing, may also take place with high levels of snowfall.

Why it’s Important:


  • Leaking can take place and cause heavy amounts of water damage depending on the severity of the leak and how long your home  was exposed.
  • Energy Bills will go up. If your roof has a hole, is not insulated well, or is letting hot and cool air escape when it shouldn’t be, you are using more energy. This means you’re paying for more energy.
  • Pests like vermin, birds, insects, and other bugs are known to make your home their home when it’s not properly cared for. A common place for these pests to settle down is in, on, and around your roof! Keep them away by maintaining proper care of your home.
  • Mold takes place when exposed to damp environments. Mold can not only cause harm to the structure, but also to you! Breathing in mold can cause respiratory illnesses and sicknesses.
  • Safety issues arise when water damage, mold, and vermin break down the support of your home. In extreme cases, it is possible that a roof or wall could collapse if not cared for in the right way!


  • Repair costs increase dramatically when you wait too long to make necessary repairs. What may have been a few hundred dollars initially may end up being thousands of dollars later on.

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