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Here on the Western Slope, our winters can get pretty cold. With colder months comes higher heating and energy bills. However, there are many ways to help keep your home warm and save energy during the winter without depleting your bank account.

Exterior Doors

Doors are a perfect way for drafts to come in your home and heat to seep out. Fixing drafty exterior doors are an easy way to save energy during the winter.

  • Draft Stoppers sit underneath your door and can help keep drafts from coming in. They require minimal money and effort, and they are highly effective!
  • Sealing Tape tightly seals the exterior, top, and sides of your door when you close it. The door function stays the same and you don’t have to worry about drafty air from your doorways!


Windows also allow cold air into your home.

  • Curtains and Shades help to block out cold air and seal in warm air. The heavier the curtain, the more effective this method will be. Keeping these closed during the winter can help keep your home warm.
  • Sealing or Replacing windows is helpful as well. Older windows will often allow more cold air to come through the cracks in your home. If the windows are beyond a simple sealing, it will be worth it to just replace the window.


Having proper insulation is a good way to keep your heating bills low in order to save energy during the winter. By using insulation, you create a barrier between the warmth from your home and the chill from outside. Faulty insulation could cause a lot of heat to leak out of your home!


Regulating your thermostat can also help to save money on energy use in your home.

  • Set Timers for your central heating system. Remember not to keep it constantly running at low temperatures because you would be paying for heat you don’t need. Even though the heat is set low, you are still paying for the heat. Let your heating system turn on and off throughout the day to regulate the temperature.
  • Turn Down the Thermostat Dial. By turning it down just by 1-2 degrees, you can save money without making much of a difference in your home’s overall temperature.

Even though the cold winter months may tempt you to turn up the heat, don’t! There are many more money-friendly ways to save energy during the winter. By making adjustments to your doors, windows, insulation, and thermostat, you can save energy and keep from spending extra on your energy bills.

A perfect time to update your insulation, doors, and windows is during a remodel. Here at Valley Restoration, we have remodeling services to help make sure your home is ready for winter! Call us at (970) 964-4437.