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There are countless types of mold that may be in your home. Depending on the class of mold, it can harm your home or cause you discomfort.

What are the Hazard Levels of Mold?

There are three main classes that all the mold species fall into: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Each class has different levels of harm in regards to humans.

    • Class A mold is the most dangerous class of mold when found indoors. Its pores may spread harmful toxins, as well as airborne allergens and infections through the air.
    • Class B mold can cause varying levels of allergies to those in your home.
      • Alternaria
  • Class C mold won’t do much to harm human health, but it can still cause you to spend large amounts of money on structural damage.
    • Cladosporium

Aspergillus (Class A)     Alternaria (Class B)        Cladosporium (Class C)

Where Can Each Type of Mold be Found?

It’s possible to find any class of mold anywhere in your home, but certain classes generally stick to certain areas.

    • Kitchens and Bathrooms. These places normally have class B and C molds.
    • Behind wallpaper.  In the right condition, class A and B mold can thrive behind wallpaper.
    • Window and Door Frames. Usually, the types of mold on the frame of the house belong to class B or C.
  • Basements and Cellars. These areas are more damp and have less air circulation than most places in your home and are well known for having class A mold.

The Impact of Mold on Your Health

Whatever class the mold may be in, it will have some type of impact on your health and lifestyle.

    • Allergies. Class A and B can both cause varying levels of allergies. Irritated eyes and skin, sneezing, coughing, scratchy throats, shortness of breath, and more are all caused by allergens found in mold.
    • Feeling sluggish and achy. Mold can cause headaches and make you feel tired. This can keep you from concentrating.
    • Breathing hazards. Certain types of mold can cause asthma flare ups or make it hard for you to breathe.
  • Lung Infections. Certain people with lung illnesses may get lung infections because they breathe in mold on a regular basis.

No matter what type of mold it may be, Valley Restoration and Construction can help! We specialize in mold remediation and can minimize mold and its hazards in your home.