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Irrigation systems have endless benefits compared to hand watering all of your landscaping. Not only do these watering systems save time and water with specialized timers, but they will also help you save money in the long run.

There are many different types of irrigation systems. However, some irrigation systems in Western Colorado are better for landscaping or gardening than others.

  • Drip systems are known to be best for woody plants because the water is distributed directly at the base of the plant. Any shrubs or trees and a few perennial plants benefit the most from drip systems.
  • Soaker hoses are often the better choice for any gardens or flower beds. They can be easily maneuvered around crops or flowers. This type of irrigation system ensures every plant will be effectively watered because it wets all of the surrounding soil.
  • There are two main types of irrigation best for lawns.
    • Pop up sprinkler heads are best for smaller lawns. They have a shorter reach and fit best in small yard areas.
    • Rotor or impact sprinkler heads reach a further distance and more effectively water the surrounding area. These are best used in bigger lawns.

Once you have your irrigation system in place, it’s important to continue to check the functionality of the system.

  1. Once a year, be sure to check every irrigation station and view each sprinkler head or soaker and drip hose for any broken parts or dysfunctions. Is anything clogged or beginning to be buried? Are any parts chipped or missing?
  2. Check each section to make sure every sprinkler head or hose is doing what it’s meant to do. Sometimes sprinkler heads won’t be able to come up from the ground due to mechanical issues. A hose may be kinked or torn and the water won’t come out.
  3. If you have sprinkler heads on your lawn, examine the grass and look for dry spots. If there are any dead or dying areas, you may need to readjust the spacing between each sprinkler head so the entire yard can be watered.
  4. Assess the environment. If the landscaping is in a shady area of your property, you won’t need to water that area for as long. If a section is exposed to the sun more often, it may need a little bit longer watering time.

Irrigation systems in Western Colorado will differ from other areas because of our environment. In the summer, the weather is very hot and very dry. It’s best to water any plants you have early in the morning or just as the sun is about to set. This prevents your plants from losing water. In the summer, it’s best to water your lawn for 20-30 minutes during one of these times of day.