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No matter the season, having energy efficient windows can help you and your home in several ways. Without them, there is a lot of wasted energy that you pay for with both cash and a lack of comfort.

The Two Main Ways They are Useful

  • Cost: The main thing that energy efficient entryways and windows aid in is keeping cost down. Heated or cooled air stays when and where you want it.
  • Comfort: Heat is lost during the winter and gained during the summer when your windows are not working as they should. This can cause an uncomfortable living environment.

How Do You Keep Windows Energy Efficient?

Replacing or updating windows are the best ways to ensure they are working as well as possible.


It is possible to replace the glass portion of the window in the frame that already exists. However, if that is not an option, replacing the entire thing may ensure the best overall outcome. While it isn’t a low cost option, choosing the right one is a great investment and will stay effective for a longer period of time.

Windows marked by ENERGY STAR® offer the most effective replacement options in regards to energy efficiency. When deciding which type to choose, consider:

  • The type of frame
  • The type of glass
  • Fillers and spacers
  • How it operates (sliding, awning, bay, etc.)


Windows that are in decent condition and just need an upgrade are less of a cost and can still help you make the most out of your home’s energy.

  • Use a covering (like shades, blinds, or shutters).
  • Caulk and use weatherstrips.
  • Use shading from the outside (like awnings or other overhanging structures).
  • Decrease the movement of air with storm windows.
  • Use a film or other glass treatment to keep the sun’s heat out of your home.

Using energy efficient windows can keep costs down and help you be more comfortable in your home. If your home has recently suffered from a fire, water, or other disaster, Valley Restoration has knowledge on not only window replacements, but other steps to take in repairing your home as well. Visit our website to learn more!