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A Clean and Safe House for Pet Lovers with Allergies

A Clean and Safe House for Pet Lovers with Allergies

Having pets around the house is always fun and enjoyable: they keep us company, play with children, and cuddle nicely on the sofa. Dogs look at you with those adorable puppy eyes that make you melt. Cats can be so persistent that you will agree to open the entrance door for the hundredth time, in case they do decide to go for a stroll around the yard.

But what do you do when your guests are allergic to cat hair? Or, even worse, if you are allergic to your dog?

With a few careful steps and adjustments, a house can be safe for pets and humans alike. Let’s take a look at how we can improve the quality of living in our house while having pets.

Is your guest allergic to dogs?

Many people suffer from pet allergies. Others just don’t like the hair and pet dander lying around the house. Whichever group you belong to, there are plenty of tricks to make your house as allergen-free as possible.

Carpets: pet allergens magnets

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We all love a nicely carpeted house. Carpets and rugs make a house feel homely and welcoming. They also keep it warm during winter and are a pleasure to walk on barefoot.

However, they are also the leading place where mites, pet dander, pet hair, and other unwelcome and dirty substances linger on.

When people walk on carpets, the allergens are set free with every step. Carpets hold on to mud, dander, feces, and mud. These are all things we do not want in our house.

The obvious choice is to remove carpets and rugs from the house if there are animals walking around. However, if this is impossible, then the next best thing is to clean carpets thoroughly on a regular basis.

Steam-cleaning carpets is a good way to get rid of allergens. Another helpful approach is to vacuum clean the house with a vacuum cleaner that is fitted with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters trap harmful particles and allergens. A cleaner fitted with an activated carbon filter will remove even more allergens and particles from your carpets.

How can I reduce dust and pet hair at home?

A good way to clean your house from floating allergens is by ventilating your house to clean the air, either by opening the windows when the weather is good or by installing a good ventilation system.

An air purifier equipped with a HEPA filter will clean the air in your house by sucking and capturing the harmful particles and pathogens.

How do you control pet dander?

Clean house for pet allergies | Valley Restoration & Construction services

Bathing your dog(s) on a regular basis is beneficial because all the dirt, dust, and dander are washed away, instead of lingering on your upholstery or carpets.

Regularly brushing your pet’s coat is also a good way to control the allergens in your house.

Similarly, cleaning the litter box regularly and investing in hypoallergenic litter can be helpful.

Safety first

Houses need to be safe for the sake of the animals but also yours. There are a few key things that every homeowner can do to make sure their house is secure with a pet around.

Pets and electrical cords

Cats and dogs love to play. Indeed, that’s one of the reasons why we want them in our lives.

However, electrical cords are not toys. Cats and dogs can risk electrocution if they chew or grab cords with their teeth or paws. Worse, entangled and chewed electrical cords are a fire hazard.

Make sure your electrical cords are well-insulated from dogs and cats and out of their reach.

Pets and house plants

We all love house plants: they add a natural touch to every home.

However, some indoor plants can be toxic to animals if ingested.

If your animals are curious by nature and like chewing and trying new things, make sure the plants you have indoors are safe for them. Otherwise, it’s better to remove them.

Pets and candles

Clean house with a pet | Valley Restoration & Construction services

Candles are always romantic, either during the festive days or all year round. We like to light up a candle in the evening indoors or even outdoors, on a nice warm day. But they can also be a fire danger.

Never leave your lit candles unattended around your pets.

Your pets may push them, grab them, or drop them on something inflammable.

Hide your garbage!

Cats and dogs are curious by nature. If your pet likes to search through your garbage bins, you may need to limit access to them. Either place the bins in a cupboard or equip them with a lid that pets cannot open.

Secure your furniture!

Cats love to climb and chase imaginary mice around the house. That includes jumping on curtains, the kitchen shelves, and furniture.

Although this can be exhilarating for the cats, there is also a safety concern that homeowners need to take care of. All furniture should be secured on the walls so that there is no danger of it falling on the floor and landing on someone’s head. Similarly, curtains and curtain rods should be safely installed on walls.

Life with a pet is fun and highly entertaining. With a few adjustments, your home can be a safe, secure, and clean environment for both you and your four-legged companions.   

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