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Why Should you get Your HVAC Ducts Cleaned?

Why Should you get Your HVAC Ducts Cleaned?

How to Know if You Need to Clean

Unless your air ducts are visibly filthy, it may be hard to detect a dirty air duct without inspecting it. If your air ducts are in need of cleaning, you may experience:

  • Higher level of allergy symptoms: If you find yourself sneezing, itching your eyes, or experiencing other allergy-related symptoms on a more regular basis, it may be because of a dirty HVAC system. When it gets dirty, the dust and grime inside blows out, gets into your air, then gets cycled back through the system.
  • Increased mold: Especially when in humid environments, mold could be an issue. In general, if you believe mold could be in any of your home’s ventilation systems, make sure to get them cleaned as soon as possible.
  • Pests: Any signs of pests or vermin in your home may mean you need to get the air ducts cleaned.
  • Dirt: Sometimes, the need for cleaning is obvious when dirt and grime starts to build up in any visible areas of your home. It could be seen on the ceiling or walls around the vents or on the vents themselves.
  • Air Filter: HVAC systems often have an air filter attached. If this filter is covered in dust, dirt, and grime, it should be replaced your ventilation system should be cleaned.

Why You Should Clean the Ducts

No matter the season, not cleaning your HVAC system and air ducts can have a huge impact on your health and quality of living.

  • Indoor air quality: Dirty ducts means dirty air. As stated above, grime in your ventilation system can cause debris to blow out into your home.
  • Allergies: Some people have found their allergies decrease significantly after a duct cleaning.
  • Expenses: You can actually save money by cleaning out your AC or swamp cooler (also known as evaporator cooler) ducts! Air can flow better when the pathways are clear and the system will not have to be repaired as often. Also, your bills may decrease because less air and energy is being used.
  • Mold: Dirty ducts are known to collect moisture, meaning mold may become an issue.
  • Pests: Some people have noticed a higher level of bugs and vermin when their air ducts are filled with debris. If this is an issue, get your home’s system cleared out.

If you are unable or unwilling to clean the air duct system on your own, contact the professionals here at Valley Restoration and Construction! Learn more on our web page: